To pre-book your test drive, you don’t need any information (other than an active email address and contact number).

When you arrive at EV LIVE to complete your test drives, you will need to provide a DVLA Check Code for your first test drive and also bring a Detailed Overview of your Driving Licence.

To create a Check Code and Detailed Overview of your Driving Licence, follow these steps.

Yes this is completely fine; you just need to make sure you fill in their information correctly. If the information is not filled out correctly, they may be unable to drive on the day. 

We will have on the day test drives available, with some of our manufacturers only running on the day test drives.

These will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You can still check the availability of pre-booked test drives here.

Yes this is allowed.

Please make sure to leave sufficient time in between your test drives (at least 15 minutes) when pre-booking to ensure you will arrive on time.

Please ensure you bring your Driving License with you to EV LIVE and a Detailed Overview of Driving Licence.

Should there be any issues with your booking and/or if you’d like to carry out any additional test drives on the day, you will need to show your license to our test drive providers before heading out on the road.

Please aim to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your scheduled test drive slot to give the team time to talk you through how the vehicle works and outline the route you’ll need to take. Members of staff will direct you to the right place to start your test drive.

Talk to one of our event staff when you arrive and the will direct you towards the right provider to begin your test drive. You can find your designated test drive provider in your booking confirmation email. 

While the test drives are unaccompanied, the route will be clearly signposted and you will be issued with instructions on where to go by your test drive provider.

All pre-booked test drives will receive more information from EV Live at Blenheim Palace via email before the event.

For any further enquiries that aren’t answered in the above, please email